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About Us

The Global Lives Research Centre leads and promotes interdisciplinary research around key issues that societies at local, national and global levels face in the 21st century. We promote creative interactions between researchers working across disciplines in order to extend understandings of the opportunities and challenges of contemporary existence.  Global Lives researchers produce and develop sustainable, innovative approaches in order to analyse and influence constantly evolving political, social and cultural situations.

"We are the result of our history, our encounters, our choices. Collectively, and in partnership, Global Lives researchers have the power to influence change through our continual willingness to strive for greater understanding and equity in society" - Dr Shona Paterson, Centre Director

Our research clusters focus on topical issues including developing concepts of 'borders' in a global environment, the role of creative arts in shaping and making sense of increasingly plural environments, national and international security, social change, education, and mass media.