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Dr Terry Ireland

Dr Terry Ireland
Research Fellow II (MAE)


He received his BSc. in chemistry from the University of Essex in 1996. Followed by his MSc. (The control of morphology of precipitates from solution) in 1999 and his PhD. (Precipitation techniques and characterisation of rare earth element doped phosphor materials) in 2008 under the supervision of Professor Jack Silver at the University of Greenwich.

He has been a Research Fellow at Brunel University London since 2006. His research interests embrace the synthesis, characterisation, and applications of luminescent materials (phosphors), photonic band gap materials (PBG), nanofabrication of phosphor materials, bio-replication using Lepidoptera templates (butterflies and moths) and dye sensitised solar cells.

Newest selected publications

Withnall, R., Silver, J., Ireland, TG., Zhang, S. and Fern, G. (2011) 'Achieving structured colour in inorganic systems: Learning from the natural world'. Optics & Laser Technology, 43 (2). pp. 401 - 409. ISSN: 0030-3992

Journal article

Withnall, R., Silver, J., Harris, PG., Ireland, TG. and Fern, GR. (2010) 'AC powder electroluminescence: Materials and devices'. SID Conference Record of the International Display Research Conference. pp. 241 - 245. ISSN: 1083-1312

Conference paper

Ireland, TG., Fern, G., Silver, J., Withnall, R., Reip, PW. and Godfrey, A. (2010) 'Raman scattering from industrially prepared nanometer sized particles of monoclinic and cubic phases of yttrium europium oxide phosphors'.22nd International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy. Boston, MA. 8 - 13 August. Amer Inst Physics. pp. 49 - 50. ISSN: 0094-243X

Conference paper

Saltoun, K., Ireland, TG., Fern, GR., Withnall, R. and Silver, J. (2010) 'A study of small particle yttrium oxide type phosphors prepared from solution using a sacrificial micellar phase as a combustion fuel'.22nd International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy. Boston, MA. 8 - 13 August. Amer Inst Physics. pp. 609 - 610. ISSN: 0094-243X Open Access Link

Conference paper

Withnall, R., Hajare, S., Zhang, S., Fern, GR., Ireland, TG. and Silver, J. (2010) 'A novel approach for the preparation of discrete phosphor nanoparticles'.Nanophotonics III. Brussels, BELGIUM. SPIE. ISSN: 0277-786X

Conference paper
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