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Benedict has had a 24-Year career, and counting, as a Mechanical Engineer spanning: the Civil Service, Petroleum industry (projects, offshore maintenance operations/management, and compliance with statutory and Joint Venture Obligations). With a vision to move into academia/ consulting in the coming years, he enrolled at Brunel, as a Distance Learner, for an MSc in Mechanical Engineering (specializing in Building Services Engineering), graduating in 2020. His interests were in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings and Building Energy Performance Modelling, Simulation, and Optimization as these offered possibilities for the application of existing technologies and methods to decarbonize building energy systems in the less industrialized countries, such as Nigeria. At M.Sc, his dissertation was on the Retrofit of an existing building in Nigeria to NZEB status. In his Doctoral Research, he is working on a system to achieve district-scale decarbonization of the energy-water nexus of a residential cluster using PV-Electrolysis of Wastewater and a Fuel Cell-based Microgrid.