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Pooneh has over 14 years of experience as a mathematics teacher and school leader. Moreover, in her roles as Advanced Skills Teacher of Mathematics and educational consultant, she has extensive experience of working with different schools to develop innovative and engaging curricula and resources, with the ultimate goal of improving teaching and learning. She has been focused on building capacity and independence, aiming to empower the leaders and teachers that she has worked with. 

Pooneh is passionate about evidence-based approaches to educational practice.  She has recently completed her PhD in Education.  Her research has been focused on academic perseverance in mathematics amongst adolescents. In particular, as part of her research, she worked closely with mathematics departments in a number of secondary schools and developed an intervention to enhance secondary students’ perseverance and effort regulation in mathematics. The intervention was found to be very effective (with moderate to large effect sizes) and the findings from this research provide great promise for practice.


ITE Secondary Mathematics