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Professor Nicola Ansell

Professor Nicola Ansell
Professor - Human Geography

Marie Jahoda 133


Since I arrived at Brunel in 1999, my interests have focused on social and cultural change in the lives of young people in the Global South (particularly southern Africa). I have researched the impacts of AIDS on young people’s migration; how education sectors are adjusting to the needs of AIDS-affected young people; and the impacts of AIDS on young people’s current livelihoods and future food security. Recently, I have completed two research projects. The first examines the impacts of social cash transfers (for instance old age pensions and child grants) on generational relations in Malawi and Lesotho. The second investigates links between education and aspiration in remote rural areas of Lesotho, Laos and India. I have also authored a book on Children, youth and development (second edition published 2016) and launched an MA programme on Children, Youth and International Development.


MA (University of Cambridge)

PhD (Keele University)


Administrative Responsibilities:

  • REF Coordinator, Sociology

Newest selected publications

Ansell, N., Froerer, P., Huijsmans, R., Dungey, C., Dost, A. and Piti. (2020) 'Educating 'surplus population': uses and abuses of aspiration in the rural peripheries of a globalising world'. Fennia - International Journal of Geography, 198 (1-2). pp. 17 - 38. ISSN: 0015-0010 Open Access Link

Journal article

Huijsmans, R., Ansell, N. and Froerer, P. (2020) 'Introduction: Development, Young People, and the Social Production of Aspirations'. European Journal of Development Research, 33 (1). pp. 11 - 15. ISSN: 0957-8811 Open Access Link

Journal article

Ansell, N. and Dungey, C. (2020) '‘I go to school to survive’: Facing physical, moral and economic uncertainties in rural Lesotho'. Children's Geographies, 18 (6). pp. 614 - 628. ISSN: 1473-3277 Open Access Link

Journal article

Ansell, N. and Dungey, C. (2020) '‘Not all of us can be nurses’: proposing and resisting entrepreneurship education in rural Lesotho'. Sociological Research Online: an electronic journal, in press. pp. 1 - 20. ISSN: 1360-7804 Open Access Link

Journal article

Ansell, N., Hajdu, F., van Blerk, L. and Robson, E. (2017) '‘My happiest time’ or ‘my saddest time’? The spatial and generational construction of marriage among youth in rural Malawi and Lesotho'. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 43 (2). pp. 184 - 199. ISSN: 0020-2754 Open Access Link

Journal article
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