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Dr Elena Antonova

Dr Elena Antonova
Senior Lecturer in Psychology


- effects of long-term mindfulness meditation practice on neural dynamics, psychophysiology, cognition, and emotion regulation;

- development of the 'felt-sense' vocabulary of subtle meditative experiences and their neural/psychophysiological correlates;

-application of mindfulness-based interventions for the promotion of healthy aging and wellbeing throughout the lifespan.

A funded full-time 3-year PhD Studentship is currently available at the University of Herfordshire to support our project funded by the grant from the US airforce:

Research supervision

Miss Heather McDonald (funded by the Mental Health Research UK PhD scholarship) - PhD project title: "Turning the Curse into a Blessing:  Using Mindfulness to Reduce Paranoia/Suspiciousness in Psychosis-Prone Individuals".

Ms Deborah Elm (self-funded) - PhD project title: "The Effect of Childhood Emotional Maltreatment on Emotional Response to Peer Rejection in Adolescences with Alexithymia".

Dr Reinoud Max (Research Fellow in Biocomputation, Mental Health and Wellbeing at the University of Hertfordshire funded by a 5-year Vice-Chancellor Research Fellowship awarded to Prof Chrystopher Nehaniv and Dr Elena Antonova) - methods development for EEG microstates sequencing applying epsilon automata and Krohn-Rhodes computational algebraic biology to characterise and distinguish mental states and clinical populations using fine-grained spatiotemporal neurodynamics.