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I am a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at Brunel University London. I am a member the Modelling & Simulation Group and the Computer Science for Social Good research groups.
​I hold a PhD in Computer Science, MSc in Information Systems Management and BA in Business Economics. After my PhD, I worked as a Research Fellow in Multiscale Migration Prediction for the Horizon 2020 projects, namely Verified Exascale Computing for Multiscale Applications (VECMA), HPC and Big Data Technologies for Global Systems (HiDALGO) and IT tools and methods for managing migration FLOWS (ITFLOWS). My​​ research concentrated on agent-based modelling, forced displacement prediction, and verification, validation and uncertainty quantification (VVUQ) of multiscale applications deployed on emerging exascale platforms.
Currently, I am also a Knowledge Exchange coordinator for the Software Environment for Actionable and VVUQ-evaluated Applications (SEAVEA), which aims to develop an exascale-ready toolkit for VVUQ techniques in application to various domains.

Newest selected publications

Suleimenova, D., Arabnejad, H., Edeling, WN., Coster, D., Luk, OO., Lakhlili, J., et al. (2021) 'Tutorial applications for Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification using VECMA toolkit'. Journal of Computational Science, 53. pp. 101402 - 101402. ISSN: 1877-7503

Journal article

Schweimer, C., Geiger, BC., Wang, M., Gogolenko, S., Mahmood, I., Jahani, A., et al. (2021) 'A route pruning algorithm for an automated geographic location graph construction'. Scientific Reports, 11 (1). pp. 1 - 11. ISSN: 2045-2322 Open Access Link

Journal article

Groen, D., Arabnejad, H., Jancauskas, V., Edeling, WN., Jansson, F., Richardson, RA., et al. (2021) 'VECMAtk: A Scalable Verification, Validation and UncertaintyQuantification Toolkit for Scientific Simulations'. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 379 (2197). pp. 1 - 22. ISSN: 1364-503X Open Access Link

Journal article

Suleimenova, D., Arabnejad, H., Edeling, WN. and Groen, D. (2021) 'Sensitivity-driven simulation development: a case study in forced migration'. Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences, 379 (2197). pp. 1 - 18. ISSN: 1364-503X Open Access Link

Journal article

Edeling, W., Arabnejad, H., Sinclair, R., Suleimenova, D., Gopalakrishnan, K., Bosak, B., et al. (2021) 'The impact of uncertainty on predictions of the CovidSim epidemiological code'. Nature Computational Science, 1 (2). pp. 128 - 135.Open Access Link

Journal article
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