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Practice placements

Clinical placement is an integral part of the Occupational Therapy programmes. While you are with us you will complete 28 weeks of clinical practice.

The placements consist of a 4 week placement, then three 8 week placements in range of different settings. Placement opportunities can include hospitals, community services, social services and the voluntary and independent sectors. Diverse placement settings are also included which reflects the broad range of workplace settings that Occupational Therapist’s work in. Placements will provide an opportunity for you to relate theory to practice and you will develop your skills as you progress through each placement.

In the final placement you will be expected to manage a small caseload in preparation for becoming a qualified Occupational Therapist. Whilst on placement you will be supervised by an Occupational Therapist who is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Most placements are situated within the Greater London area but some are outside this area and you may have to “stay away” during placement. All placements are allocated by the Practice Placement team. This allows a varied learning experience in a range of different placement settings. We work closely with our placement providers and rely on their support in providing a range of placement opportunities. Whilst on placement both you and your educator will be well supported by Brunel University.

OT placement_National Neurology hospitalWhat I enjoyed most about my placement in a hospital was the holistic view they took with their patients, the close multidisciplinary team collaboration and their emphasis on evidence-based decision making.

Maxine, Occupational Therapy BSc

Information for Practice Placement Educators

We run a two day Practice Placement Educator's course (free of charge) for those who are interested in taking our Occupational Therapy students. Please see below for further details. We also provide a half day briefing for educators prior to the placement starting. This focuses on the educational objectives for the specific placement, the student assessment procedures and the communication channels with the university. Following the placement all educators are invited to a de brief which is an opportunity for the educators to network with each other and share any learning. The briefings and de briefings are run by the Practice Placement Manager and Year Leads. 

Thank you for your interest in taking Occupational Therapy students from Brunel University London.

Registering to offer student placements

Occupational Therapy student placements in the London area are organised using an online database the Placement Management Partnership.  To register your interest in offering student placements, please email support.pmpartnership@tribalgroup.com

PMP information sheet

Brunel Practice Placement Team

  • Occupational Therapy Lecturer (Practice Education) Clinical Placement Manager: Diane Ellison
  • Placements Administrator: Ann Haddock

Useful information for current Practice Placement Educators