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Global Challenges Visiting Expert Seminar: Sustainable Resettlement as a durable option for former refugees

Global Challenges Seminar Series Sustainable resettlement
Global Challenges Visiting Expert Seminar Series

Sustainable Resettlement as a durable option for former refugees

by Justin Munyaka, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Currently there are over 74,000 Persons of Concern (POCs) hosted in Zambia as of 31st August 2018 including 47, 985 refugees, 3,927asylum seekers and 22,740 former refugees with many having been in the country since the 1950s (UNHCR, 2018). An additional 11,000 new refugees have arrived since 2017 when the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) further deteriorated. It is necessary to ensure that a long-term development approach, bridging the humanitarian-development nexus, is taken and that efforts continue to strengthen the sustainable resettlement approach for promoting human security.

There is need to have interventions that will seek to contribute to the overall vision of the Sustainable Resettlement Programme (2017-2021) and will build upon initiatives already undertaken by UNHCR and other UN agencies. The overall goal of the programme is to address inter-related insecurities through supporting the national and local governments as duty-bearers to carry out their protection mandate and empowering the resettlement communities to claim their full rights as residents in Zambia, while promoting peaceful co-existence.

Join us at Brunel Univerisity London to hear this seminar by Justin Munyaka, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).



Justin is a Zambian male aged 40. He works as a Scheme Coordinator for the United Nations Development Programme in Mayukwayukwa Resettlement Scheme with vast experience in project implementation and transfer of innovation technology particularly in the rural setting.