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Why work with us

Brunel has a reputation for being innovative, agile and able to work effectively with business partners. We have a track record in helping our partners to achieve competitive advantage through access to both world class research and exceptional talent. 

In particular:

  • As one of the UK’s top 10% of Universities for innovation and business partnerships
  • Brunel is highly successful at finding funding for research with industry partners
  • Brunel has fifty years of experience in matching placement students to businesses who provide a cost-effective way of adding innovative thinking to my workforce
  • Brunel students make good employees because the Brunel experience is focussed on the importance of problem-solving, team-working and individual skills development
  • Brunel’s successful approach to research and knowledge transfer is flexible and based on practical solutions to solve issues within any business
  • Brunel has a wide and distinctive range of post-graduate courses that can add valuable depth to the skills of key staff

The University works with in excess of 1,700 business, regionally, nationally and internationally. We will work with you to build a strategy for success.


Please click here to download our booklet which outlines all the services we offer to businesses.