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Research Support and Development Office

The Research Support and Development Office (RSDO) contributes directly to the University’s mission of becoming a research-led institution and its goals to increase research income, develop collaborations and build a vibrant culture of research excellence. RSDO adds value to this agenda through the effective application of its knowledge and expertise in the field of external research funding and research contract management.

The Research Support and Development Office primary mission is to continue to support the University in increasing its research income, consolidating the development of a strong, underpinning research culture and responding strategically to new research funding agendas.

The Research Support and Development Office has three sections:

Research Development Section

This section aims to work with academic colleagues to grow research income by providing directed support for strategic research stimulation activities, including interdisciplinary research. It is responsible for:

  • Identifying and promoting new research funding opportunities
  • Costing and pricing research proposals
  • Assisting with proposal development and funding strategies
  • Advising on policy and financial matters relating to research applications
  • Producing the “Leading Edge” research newsletter
  • Developing and supporting collaborative projects with industry

Contracts and IP Section

This section manages the negotiation and authorisation of research awards and contracts, advises on intellectual property (IP) rights and administers the University’s consultancy scheme. It is responsible for:

  • Negotiating research agreements and accepting research contracts and grants on behalf of the University
  • Setting up research accounts and budgets for new research projects
  • Producing management information on research proposals submitted and grants awarded
  • Advising on intellectual property matters and management of the University patent portfolio
  • Managing the University consultancy scheme

Business Development Section

Brunel is committed to strengthening ties with business through the formation of partnerships with selected companies. The University has an excellent record in developing successful and beneficial relationships with business and industry, locally, nationally and internationally.

Our dedicated Business Development Managers within RSDO will work with you to develop an understanding of the specific needs of your organisation. To find out how your business could benefit from working with the Brunel University, get in touch.