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Why study Medicine at Brunel?

Who we are 

Our MBBS programme is designed by international experts in medical education to incorporate evidence-based approaches to learning, and is delivered using effective developments in pedagogy and digital technology to maximise participation, engagement and interactivity. 

The School will transform medical education and healthcare practice through education, research in combination with multidisciplinary community engagement. Brunel medical graduates will care for their patients and communities with kindness, professionalism and teamwork.

Clinical placements

During your medical studies at Brunel you'll undertake a wide range of clinical placements. Here you'll not just be observing, you will have the opportunity to apply your clinical knowledge and develop your skills to real life clinical situations.


Brunel Medical School will award scholarships specifically for Medicine MBBS. For information please visit the scholarships web page.

Graduates can apply

If you already have a degree in a subject related to Medicine you can apply for the MBBS programme. Please see our entry requirements for more information.

Team-based Learning (TBL)

MBBS students learn in small groups of 6 people facilitated by academics and enhanced by the use of TBL-enabled software. TBL fully engages all students in their learning, resulting in easier assimilation and retention of knowledge. TBL also gives more freedom to students in that they are able to pace much of their study load, and often work where and when convenient.  And what's more, TBL makes learning fun!

TBL is a modern approach that departs significantly from the traditional lecture-based learning and Problem-Based Learning (PBL). The curriculum quality is rigorously evaluated by experts, and the team aspect of TBL develops peer-to-peer learning in an engaging way as well as your all-important communication skills. 


24th in the world: Times Higher Education, World University Rankings - International Outlook 

58th in the world: Times Higher Education - Most Impactful University 

Prepare for ‘world’ medicine

We are all familiar with the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed on the world, and the terrible cost in lives, loss of health and hardship. New challenges are likely to emerge and we want to prepare you to face these challenges with the skills to remain up-to-date with latest advances in medical research and clinical applications to deliver person-centred care. You’ll discover the significance of prevention, public health, rehabilitation and other aspects of clinical medicine on a global scale. We’ll prepare you to practise medicine not just in the UK and your home country but also on a world-wide level.

The developed ‘digital’ world - Through our innovative curriculum you will learn about a range of technologies e.g. artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and delivering virtual consultations t prepare you for the rapidly changing medical landscape.

The developing world – You’ll be trained to practise medicine by considering the signs and symptoms of the patient from first principles to develop confidence in providing healthcare even without many aspects of modern technology. In some cases without electricity!

A focus on community medicine

An exciting element of our MBBS in Medicine is the application of your clinical knowledge and skills in our local communities. Furthermore, person-centred care also involves looking after healthy people and the whole community to guide people of all ages towards adapting a healthy life style and reduce risks of avoidable diseases.   The valuable experiences gained locally can be applied to benefit communities around the world. 

Be a part of our international community 

The world’s students call Brunel home, something we’re extremely proud of. In fact, there are around 150 of the world's countries represented at Brunel and our first batch of applicants for the MBBS programme included people from 84 different countries in all parts of the world. As a Brunel student you will have the opportunity to live and study as part of our diverse, global community. 

Our west London location 

You will enjoy a campus life-style with all your daily needs within easy reach, and will avoid the need for commuting, except when you are in clinical placements. Central London is within easy reach, and from the campus you have easy access to the countryside, the rest of the UK, Heathrow and the whole wide world.