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Carbon Emissions

Reducing carbon emissions

The University is committed to systematically reducing our carbon emissions in line with the Government targets. The Department for Business, Energy & Insustrial strategy (BEIS) has confirmed th e implementation of an Emissions Reduction Pledge 2020/2021 of 30% from a base year of 2009/10. BUL is invited to take the pledge and adopt the 30% reduction target. Our Carbon Management Plan (currently under review) is a comprehensive document that outlines our carbon reduction strategies to be embedded in every aspect of the University’s activities.

We acknowledge that the most difficult challenge is changing individual behaviours. We communicate with our students and staff by publishing our data, progress and strategies internally and externally, hosting training sessions and organizing campaigns and projects.

The University’s milestones and target (tCO2e)

The adoption of the BEIS 30% target requires a complete review and recalculation of annual energy consumption data and related carbon emissions. BEIS will base the HE sectors carbon emission reporting on the annual EMR return to HESA. This recalculation includes the use of different conversion factors used by HESA both historically and currently.

Our carbon model has been revised in line with the ne BEIS 30% target metric using current and historic EMR reporting data. The result is the graph featured below.