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Shared Parental Leave Policy and Procedure 2019/20

Shared Parental Leave Policy and Procedure


Brunel University London is fully committed to helping working parents balance the needs of work and family life and appreciates the importance of providing greater choice for parents in how they arrange parental care during the first year of a child's life or following their adoption. This policy and procedure is aimed at giving parents flexibility over how they share childcare during the first year of the child’s life/placement. The University is also committed to supporting good practice in relation to parental rights, recognising the value of achieving a gender diverse workforce and retaining and promoting talent. In support of this, the University provides parental benefits, including Shared Parental Pay (ShPP), that are above the statutory minimum.

A ‘Glossary of Terms’ has been made available in Appendix A.

Entitlements and arrangements for Shared Parental Leave can be complex and so examples of parents’ entitlements to Shared Parental Leave and Shared Parental Pay under different scenarios is included in Appendix B.

This policy and procedure applies to all eligible employees of the University, including married couples, couples in a civil partnership and same sex partners. Where both parents are employed by the University, this policy and procedure covers both.If it is the birth mother/primary adopter who isemployed by the University, theirpartner must (where relevant)submit any notifications to take Shared Parental Leave (SPL)to their own employer, if they want to take a period of SPL.Similarly, if it is the partner who isemployed by the University, the birth mother/primary adoptermust (where relevant) submit any notifications to take SPL to her own employer.